The strike is over, I'm going back to work!

Hey frens, I have had a great time seeing everyone this year, but my time is once again drawing to a close. I’m headed back to Ft. Worth (boo) to work on the next installation in the Taylor Sheridan multi-verse. (shameless plug, I did a lot of work on Lawmen: Bass Reeves, and it’s really beautiful!)
I’ve heard there’s a great makerspace in Dallas, so plan a field trip and come say hi! I’ll be gone Dec - …? As usual, I have no idea, but probably June/July. I’ll be lurking around here, and will leak whatever photos I can of the work. I plan to maintain my membership so I can come poke around the shop on the rare occasion I have a weekend off and can come home.
Please stay in touch!


Happy for you to get back on a show, but also selfishly sad :grin::clap::sob: Glad you will be staying in touch!