The red laser is down (RESOLVED)

I got here today and the trash can was relatively empty so I was stoked the machine would be working, since I came in yesterday to a bin that had not been emptied. Then I get all set up and the cone assist error is back. Also, I don’t know if it is just the weather or what, but the hose let out a ton of water, more than I have seen it do. I will include a photo of the trash from yesterday since I sent it to my wife when I got here. I would like if I could get trained on how to fix the air, I work 13 minutes away(at a shop I own) and live less than a mile away so I can help people fix it if they mark it on here when it isn’t working. I would be willing to learn how to fix any common problems if needed. I could even leave my number here somewhere since I turn my phone off when I am unavailable.

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When the air compressor is initially turned on the air pressure is not high enough to set an auto drain. Disconnect the quick release air fitting and let the compressor build up a charge. I’m guessing a min. Reconnect and the valve will shut with the charged up compressor.

I’m going to cut some .25" steel weights for the laser. The cone runs at .3" so that will clear. That should help reduce cone strikes. That would help Danny and the small group that reset the air assist cone.

I have noticed the shop getting dirtier overall. We all need to make a renewed effort to do a little extra to clean up when you are using the shop.

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