The Planer needs attention

The thickness planer needs to be cleaned or otherwise maintained. I tried running 16”x4” boards through it, and the boards seamed to jam on the way in, and on the way out.

Perhaps these rollers are are too dirty?

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I tried the yellow QR but it said I needed workspace permissions.

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Go ahead and use the red code. Even though it is working, that is the one that will alert the stewards.


@jiggliemon I get the impression you’d be a great addition to the stewards team :awesome: @cfstaley is out of town right now, but sometime after he’s back he can get you onboarded if you’re interested.

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Rollers need to be cleaned. That said, I ran 20x 12" wide boards of curly maple through it last week without any issues. What was your cut depth?

I didn’t measure exactly, but it was in the ballpark of 1/32nd

I was making 1/4 turned of the knob until the cutters made contact. And once the did the board would jam.

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Hmm that planer is able to handle that cut. It may be that someone ran some sappy wood through after I used it last week and the rollers need to be cleaned. I sprayed Glidecote, which helps a lot. Otherwise, it’s hard to diagnose not seeing it happen but a few thoughts off the top of my head:

Were the boards long and fed without infeed roller support? That’s pretty heavy stock and so I wonder if they were levering up into the top assembly, which could make it more difficult for the rollers to feed.

I assume the reference faces were jointed first. It could potentially get stuck if the top side being planed has an inconsistent thickness (ie, parts of the board are thicker than the leading edge) as that could lead to a much deeper cut than expected. I typically run a ghost pass first to knock off any high spots.

I can take a quick look before my mentor series class tomorrow evening.

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Just so you have a clear picture of what I was running:

These are the boards I was running. You see the three pieces that have been glued up (I wound up planing them at home instead) 3"x17". I took a picture of the original stock which you can see is basically S3S, so the top wouldn’t have had much opportunity to create an inconsistent planing surface.

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