The band on the Grizzley band saw is slipping

Grizzly band saw blade slips and stops in the middle of a cut. Tried tightening the blade and still slips. I put a note on it couldn’t find any red tags.

Thanks for posting. I think all of the bandsaw repair peeps are out of town. Maybe @gmossessian is in town? If not, I can look at it Friday.

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I’m in town but not sure if I can get to asmbly until Friday. I’ll try to make time on Wednesday but no promise, will post here.


No worries. Thank you for responding.

I will be by Friday morning also

No can do today, sorry.

Weird that it would stop in the middle of a cut, what’s the dimension of the cut you’re making and are you pushing really hard? Is it a big rip cut, and if so do you have guides in place to prevent the piece itself from twisting?

I had some time this morning. I looked at the grizzly. It is fine. I went ahead and re-tensioned the drive belt.

The jet bandsaw’s keyway fell out. I think this is the saw that is slipping? The keyway is reinstalled and loctited. All of the saws got a quick tune up in terms of the blade guides.


Is the grizzly able to resaw material now? The last time I went to use it the blade guard couldn’t go up very high.

The blade guard should work. It is a temporary fix till the new parts come in.