Temporary Storage Cleanout

Hi everyone,

The temporary storage space has accumulated a lot of untagged and overdue items recently. If your items are overdue and have a note, I’ve already sent you a text. However, there are a number of things on the shelf that do not have a storage tag associated with them. I’m posting pictures below. If these items aren’t removed by this weekend, we will unfortunately have to toss them or they will be assumed donated to the space, and nobody wants that to happen.

As a reminder, if you need longer term storage, we do have that available. Just reach out to the membership team to let us know you’re interested.

Thanks for your understanding!


The top picture is mine, I’ll be back today to pick it up. I think there is a tag under the wood, but it is obviously not as visible as it should be. I couldn’t find any tape :slight_smile: