Tarkin Red tagged

I have been trying to cut 3mm BB. I finally got it to cut through at 50 mm/s and 100% power. There was a lot of soot on the lens before I started. During a long cut, it stopped cutting through and will now barely mark the sheet. Tried cleaning the lens again, no good.

Red tag it please

I left the panel I started, on the bed of the laser.

It is really important that if a laser isn’t cutting as expected, don’t just slow it down and try to force it. The energy is going somewhere, and it’s a lot of energy.

Please, do not leave without red-tagging it. Just leaving it for the next user is opening it up to more damage.

I left the panel there for you to look at…

The air assist compressor had problems. How long do they last? About this long, I guess. That’s needed to keep the lens clean and cool so it punched a hole right through the lens and skunked up the #3 mirror. Well, that happens.

I’ll be back up later with the stuff to fix this. It’s actually just the power cable on the compressor, but I think I can just move Dorian’s compressor to it now that it’s on the air system. It won’t take long to get an air valve and pressure sensor for Tarkin anyhow.

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Thank you Danny!


Fixed, cut fine at 120mm/s!