Tarkin now has 16MP alignment camera

I upgraded Tarkin to the most bleeding-edge camera around- doubled from the existing high-res 8MP to a staggering 16MP. This is imaging the bed better than 1mm and can see pretty fine features.

I ran extensive calibrations and it’s not totally accurate, the LB calibration routine to flatten the barrel-distortion into an XY cartesian plane is not perfect. For the most part, the middle- like half the bed’s area- is pretty accurate, within about 2.5mm at worst. Working to see if LB can be made to do better, the hardware supports it.

In that, I also switched to a new USB 3.0 extender that remedies the somewhat dicey behavior with the first camera extender. The camera no longer freezes or disappears from USB options. It’s 100% reliable, yay!