Tarkin Lightburn SOS!

@dannym helped me figure out the right settings to get Tarkin to honor this design last weekend when I made the signage for the Lost & Found/Up For Grabs shelf, but for the life of me I cannot get this to work today. First image shows what we’re aiming for, second image shows what I’ve gotten :sweat:. I refuse to give up and resort to not doing the established style! I know it’s possible, I just don’t have the right incantation. HALP!

Lightburn is also being ridiculous and inverting my QR code, but I fixed that part by saving QR codes separately as PNG and reimporting them.

Tagging some other Lightburn pros in case they know — @Bwarez @TravisGood @jamesfreeman

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The cut settings were entered into the library under MDF. Should have been 80mm/s 100% max power 0% min.

The Fill+Line was speed 1000mm/s 30% max power 0% min power 0.1mm line interval.Followed by Line 800mm/s 100% power.

The Image would be same as Fill, with Type as Threshold

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Do you remember what we did to the objects for them to show properly though? The black background with the white text and vector outlines are what we are aiming for. I can’t get it to do that part again. The part the says “Discourse”.

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Hmm both need to be closed shaped but they already were. If you select both for a single Fill later then they do a boolean XOR when nesting. A circle beside a box would both fill. A circle inside a box will be an empty circle inside a filled box. If the circle’s midline is on the edge of the square the inside overlapping half will be empty and the half outside the square will fill

You need to have “render Fills” enabled in Settings to see what it is going to do. Cosmetic screen rendering only, doesn’t affect output. That does not save with the project either.

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Boolean difference! I think that’s the part that is missing here. I’ll try that when I get back up there today. It’s frustrating that Lightburn makes this sort of thing so difficult. I really wish Lightburn would simply honor the shapes as they are imported. Need to complain up the chain to them about this.

This sounds like it might be the result of how Lightburn, VCarve, and others handle nested closed vectors. A Fill of such a design will alternate Fill > Not Fill > Fill > Not Fill … You can see what concentric circles produce when that color layer is defined as a Fill operation.