Tall and Sheet storage purge next

If you have wood in tall storage and sheet storage make sure your tags are up to date! These areas will be cleaned out and, possibly, moved next.


I’ve got the ratty looking spoiler board and the long metal bars, (both tagged correctly). If there’s a better place I should be storing them, please let me know.

You’re in the right place for storage. We found tons of storage with very old tags (Sept 2020!) So we want to make sure that anything stored at the space is current and not abandonded by past members. As long as your tag is up to date, you’re all set.

I definitely have some pieces there from a month ago. When’s the deadline? Can come grab my stuff this week

As long as your tag is up to date, you’re good.

I have some items in 1st rack of the vertical sheet storage. I will pick them up this upcoming weekend. It is the white acrylic sheets