Table Saw Vaccuum Stopped

The main vacuum for the table saw abruptly stopped while I was making a cut last night around 11 pm. It didn’t come back on for my final two cuts after that. I looked for obvious problems but saw none, but it may need some attention.

Check breaker panel near dust collector. Breaker labeled Samsung Station will probably need to be reset

I didn’t see any flipped breakers on the two nearby panels (labelled L5 and L6, I believe). In any event, I’m not there now, so someone else will have to double check.

It doesn’t always look tripped. But if you touch it, you can notice that the switch is loose, and not engaged. Switch it to off to reset, then flip back. Again, it will be the “Sanding Station” breaker. This is for whoever finds it next.

Given that it trips on occasion, even when the sanding station is not powered up, it may be time to replace that breaker.

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There’s a central prob to address here- the dust collector must have its own circuit. It shouldn’t be sharing with the sanding station, or anything that draws meaningful power.

Is it just labeled “Sanding station” on the breaker, or is the station still hooked up to it?

I believe from when I was last there, a breaker is labeled “sanding station”. It tripped while I was sanding and caused the same problem as seen above with the dust collection for the table saw

I believe that they are on the same circuit still. And I agree that they should be independent. But the circuit has blown more than once with just the dust collector and no load coming from the sanding station.