Table saw red tagged

I visited the shop today do use the compound miter saw. I noticed that the blade guards to the saw stop Was broken on the left-hand side. I red tagged it. It is the wooden insert. I suspect it could be repaired or replaced easily.

After thinking about it, I suspect someone tried to do an angle cut with a zero insert blade guard. I called woodcraft to see if they carry phenolic zero clearance insert. They said they do, But don’t have one in stock for the first time in years. It makes me think someone bought it to fix our saw. I was going to try to help out and pick one up. Just want to make sure no one else has done it already. In theory the broken one could be glued. I didn’t know if we wanted to go that route or just get a new one.

there should be 1 on the shelf or in the drawers, I also have multiple in back that I can grab later today.

But yes that insert is only for 90 degree cuts, no angles. there is a other insert for the angled cuts.

Feel free to put on the angle insert for now.

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The angled insert is on. I didn’t know where a spare zero clearance insert was or I would’ve put it on. I didn’t need the saw at the time, I just saw that it was broken. I am not at the space right now.

Fred R. Martin, M.D.

@EricP where would I find the replacements for the zero clearance inserts?

There is a new zero clearance insert installed.

If anyone in the future needs to do this, here is a good video on the process. the video doesn’t mention how to take the riving knife off. Page 32 of the owners manual explains how:

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Thanks Mollie!

Fred R. Martin, M.D.