Table Saw possibly defective?


I was trying to swap out the blade and while loosening it (it was really tight) the blade dropped suddenly. It was as if someone lowered it using the adjustment wheel. This caused the riving blade to be way above the blade (the thing behind the blade). I ended up lowering the blade with the front adjustment wheel and it eventually corrected the distance between the riving blade and the saw blade. The distance between the saw stop mechanism and the blade appears to be about a credit card thickness away. I turned on the saw stop while other people watched and it appears to be fully functional. Still, I think someone should check this out. I left a defective sticker on it just in case (don’t want anyone getting hurt).


FYI, I used the SawStop last night for some simple cuts and it does seem functional. Stanley happened to be there as well and we talked through the issues a bit, and we agreed that we don’t see any obvious reason why it would be unsafe as-is. Not an expert on the specific tool by any means, just adding a data point.

The sudden drop of the blade part of the safety mechanism for the saw. If the saw stop cartridge is triggered. The blade drops under the surface. It is not supposed to drop during normal use. I suspect torquing on the arbor caused the drop.