Table saw issue


I’m attempting to make a miter Joint box and meet to cut plywood at 44.9 degrees. The table saw seems to not able able to turn to this degree. This rotator tightens up. Any ideas?

The stop should be at 45º dead even, but it can get gummed up a bit with sawdust. If you open the side panel, you can see the screw connected to the tilt mechanism. Blow it off with compressed air or hit it with a bench brush. (make sure the main switch is off!)

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Thanks for the response Jon! Is it supposed to stop on 45 by design? Ideally I’d like to set it at 44.9 so that any gaps would be in the inside.

It’s not by design so much as by decision of the last person to adjust it - Adam posted he set it to exactly 45º when he cleaned the saw just before the covid shutdown.

It’s not unreasonable to set the stop wide and always use an angle gauge, but that can be tedious if it’s flipped between 90º and 45º a lot. I don’t know how widely that stop is trusted to be right at 45º, so if you change it for your cuts please set it back when you’re done.

@dannym thoughts?

I haven’t made these sort of adjustments to a table saw before. Is it relatively straightforward where I can look up a YouTube video and / or documentation to figure it out? If not, is there someone willing to show me how? In exchange I’ll do all of the cleaning and even clean it next time.

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@Norefice: I think it’s awesome that you are confirming the accuracy of the tool as well as being willing to learn and clean/adjust the tool. I’m also interested in learning more about precise adjustments and servicing of this tool!

Small suggestion, though: we do have a dedicated Woodshop category for tool-specific discussions. While I don’t generally think we should be super-pedantic about where topics go in Discourse, it is useful in cases like this because folks can subscribe (AKA “watch”) specific categories so they know when tools they are interested in have questions.

I can actually move this thread over there, if you don’t mind.

The table saw may be right on. To use the electronic angle finder you must first make sure the blade is squared (exact 90 degrees) to the table with a metal square. then you place the electronic angle finder on the table and zero it out. This would give you the correct settings from the blade to the table or vice versa on the angle finder. Don’t mean to insult your intelligence but you did not mention if you performed this step. The stop is not by design, it has a bolt that is secured or held in place by a nut on both sides of the trunion travel (45/90) depending on the model of the saw stop, the newer models have the head of the bolt painted yellow. The older ones is just a bright steel bolt. Although rare with time this bolt may have come loose, this is where the adjustment is done and then set. As mentioned below, sawdust may also be trapped at the end of the travel of the trunion. Another possibility but very undoubtful is the bearing at the end of the tilting handle may have moved, is located after the worm gear on the tilting handle, and secured in place with a set screw. Check the 45 degrees with the square see if is actually off and if you have to adjust it, download the manual and follow the instructions. Saw stop has an excellent instruction manual. If you end up doing this process you’re going to have to clean the gears and trunion so might as well take the time to lubricate those parts. Anyway, I hope is just a misread on the electronic angle finder, the easy fix. Good luck and make some dust!

Yes please. I appreciate the insight. I’m only a couple of days into my membership so I appreciate the info on the category.

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For the easy fix I did level the angle finder on the table saw surface. My understanding is this would be just as good no?

OK, cool. I just moved it. I believe that links and notifications should “just work” after the move.

Regardless, I do recommend setting up a Watch on the Woodshop Category if you plan on using those tools frequently.

See screenshot for how:

What you did is the correct procedure - the measurement you care about is the angle between the blade and the tabletop, not how far the blade moved between positions. Zero the finder on the table, then measure the angle of the blade with respect to the table.

Found the following video outlining steps ( l. Where can I find shop towels, brush, grease oil and penetrating oil onsite?

I’ve only been to the space twice so I just want to make sure I know where to find each.

@Norefice I put all the items you requested to the right of the table saw under the cross slides.

Let me know if you have any issues,
Director of Facilities ATXHS