Table saw brake got activated

I was cutting some visually decent wood pieces on the table saw
Apparently, one of them was wet and saw break got activated
Just wanted to check if there’s another brake and another blade in the store

Usually, there is a spare brake and blade in the stewards cabinet. You can install yourself, if you know how. To replace, you can either go to woodcraft/Rockler and get a new brake and blade, or pay for one in the AMSBLY online store.

On average… how often does this happen and how long will the table be down? I was hoping to schedule some time to make a few cuts today. Good luck fixing it!

I’m here and can replace. Dmitry headed out to grab a new blade and brake.

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New blade is here and table saw is back in operation. Dmitry is going to get with the powers that be to pay for the brake.

Thanks, Chris
Sorry for that

No worries @timafeich, it happens!

@Chrisjmckinley Thanks for getting it back up and running quickly!

@xlrl This happens maybe once a month – sometimes more sometimes less. It usually gets fixed in no more than a few hours, though (if not immediately), especially since we usually have a spare on hand.

Everytime I hear about it going off I think to myself it’s a good time to get in and make cuts on a nice new, sharp blade!