Sublimation onto larger pieces of aluminum

After todays intro to sublimation session, I tried out a larger aluminum sublimation blank. I got this blank from amazon, and it is 8x10 with a white coating it came with. Heat press at 385 F for 60 seconds. Beautiful result


You’re getting great results from sublimation! I really like seeing all the test pieces you have been doing. Keep up the great work!

I also got a Christmas ornament blank and tried that out, but somehow lost it between the shop and home. I’ll do another one this week and show it off. It worked reasonably well.

And the dog portrait is going to get an over-the-top gold frame so that it looks like it could have hung in an old manor house

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Would it be possible to use sublimation printing on something significantly larger, one section at a time? (Assume I can break what I want to print into sections sensibly.)

This is absolutely possible. I have a large canvas that I intend to do this with. To keep designs in from shifting around, you can use heat-proof-tape to keep the paper in one location. And as you move from one location to the next, you’ll need to be vigilant about using a new piece of parchment paper for every separate press.

Normal shop suggestions apply - test the steps and materials ahead of time on similar substrate. Take it slowly.

That’s awesome! I’m going to try that out sometime.