Status of the Form2 Printer?

Hi, folks,

Just checking on the status of the Form2 printer and what the prerequisites for using it are.


So for use Its a flat rate of $1.00 plus .$30/ml and the payment is supposed to be getting setup on NEON. So I was informed it wasn’t available for public use without contacting @kye first.

Hi, Greg, thanks, that’s not a stipulation I made, i don’t know too much about the 3d printers, others are more knowledgeable -thank you for your work to get a class up and running!

These items are now in the Neon Store! You can get to them by logging into your Neon member portal (here) and selecting “Store” from the dropdown menu, or use these direct links to the items:

Quick note that I updated on the resin item above – you can only use the resin ATXHS has for purchase in this printer. Using any other resin requires switching out other materials/parts so we’re keeping it to just the resin available for purchase at the space. Thanks!