Static IP address

Not sure who to address this to but I am needing to get a couple static IP addresses set to a couple raspberry pi’s that will be running the 3D printers once it’s all done and setup. I have one of the pi’s there already. I really would like to get the Linksys switch that was in the 3D printer area back up and going so that i can run drop from it to the Pi’s. I noticed that we have a Ubiquiti router which is the same brand i use at home. So i could set them up if given the credentials. I am also fine with someone assisting me in setting them up if that information is above my “pay grade” so to speak.

I think @elrod and @Jon are the ones in the know on the router setup. One of them should be able to set some internal static IPs for you.

Still need assistance with this since members are having issues connecting to the printers when they change ip addresses