Stage 4 - Schedule changes in Skedda

Austin has moved to Stage 4 of their Risk-Based Guidelines ( With that, the board has voted to make some changes to expand access for members. Here’s what changed:

  • Hours of Availability
    • 5 AM – 2 AM (closed for 3 hours in the wee morning time)
  • Woodshop Slots
    • There is now a 4th woodshop slot
  • Weekly Allotted Hours
    • Members may now book up to 16 hours per week
    • Shop Stewards may now book up to 22 hours per week
    • Reminder: Hour count resets on Monday

Skedda has been updated to reflect these changes, so as usual if you can book it in Skedda it’s a valid time to be at the space.


4th wood shop area is showing in Sierra but the available time to book is still 12-12. No 2am available.

nvm :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:joy: It was a little weird the way I had to configure the hours and can be slightly confusing since most commonly people will be booking something like 10pm Thurs - 2am Fri. It looks like in Skedda you have to actually book those as two separate bookings (they only let you book hours for one day at a time). Hopefully it’s not too confusing!

yay!!! @valerie Can folks still sign up to be shop stewards? :nerd_face: I would like to do this if possible.

Most definitely! We’re working on getting a bit more definition to the role, but for now being a shop steward mostly means you spend a few hours every week doing something at the shop that makes it better for everyone. We’ve got you marked down as a steward @Mollie :blush:

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I wouldn’t mind being a steward as well.

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Done! :heavy_check_mark: