Spot Welder doing okay?

Still getting familiar with using discourse correctly, hopefully posting in the right category :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious if the spot Welder is okay to use? Mostly asking if it’s plugged into the correct amp plug or needs to be plugged in a certain place?

Are all accessories there (like the foot pedal)?
Lastly, has anyone used it with welding pens if it even takes them.

I bet I could just go take a look next time I’m there, but thought someone with experience is best to help.
Going to be welding nickel strips onto 18650 batteries.
Thanks in advance!

The last time I checked it worked. There is very little instruction available on Google. You have test the settings. If you have time, please document some settings as a guideline.

It should work. I have never seen it with pens or footpedal. The probe pair is spring-loaded and fires automatically when enough force is applied. However, it can’t reach the middle of the pack, it’s limited to doing two-row unless you build inside-out. Or, make/obtain some pens and a footpedal.