[SOLVED] Help boot up our Discourse Community

Easy ways to help us make this house a home:

  1. Write up how a traditionalist can get some or all of the categories pushed to their inbox, so they don’t miss the old mailing list.
  2. Recommend other plugins or themes we should use
  3. Make the site look good!

Best of all: kickstart conversations. We’ve seeded some threads, but make more. See:

  • Dumb answers to Smart Questions
  • Project Expo — have a cool project you’re working on or finished two years ago? Post about it!
  • Want to Be on ATXHS Nerd Night? — if you have an interesting story, technique, whatever, let’s do a zoom call and put it on youtube.
  • Have concerns or feedback about the reopen or the space in general? Join or start a (civil) thread in the Ask ATXHS channel.