[SOLVED] Are you good with detail and numbers? Finance Team needs you!

Hi, Hackers,
If you are a detail-oriented person, a good communicator, and have interest in helping with ATXHS operations, we’d love to have your help as 1/3 of the Finance team. Rather than a huge, time-consuming treasurer role, overwhelming for a single volunteer, we have transitioned to a model where several volunteers each put in a bit of time to keep the ATXHS financial train moving smoothly, communicating with one another on questions and changes.

If you have any accounting or finance experience, these skills could be a great help! But really, an eye for details, 5-10 hours of free time a month, desire to help, and reliability are the most important qualities for this team. Your coworkers are pleasant and efficient, and there are meetings every 4-6 weeks to solve issues that are coming up.

Please email board-private@atxhs.org if you’re interested.
We’d love to talk to you.

Kye & ATXHS Board

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I’ll be showing interest. Email being sent momentarily.

Thanks for bringing interest to this thread @hackr (emailed you back). I didn’t realize we had posted this here, but we have since found that all our finance team needs are being well handled with the 2 member team we have in place and will actually become even simpler after a system migration project we are working on, so we don’t actually have a need for the finance team at the moment.

@EricP is working on a list of projects we need volunteers on and will post about that in the next few weeks as he gets all the info compiled.