Software for new computers

The new computers are amazing, but they do not print well (blue) or at all (red), in either Corel or Illustrator.

In the best world both machines would have the same and newest drivers — but We need, at the very least, a workable solution, even if we can’t have a proper one.

Ways people can help:

  • Are there alternatives to the ULI printer drivers?

  • is there anything on their site? Is there a forum?

  • anyone willing to email their support with the question?

    • or email nation of makers or the right Reddit or whatever to ask?
  • is there a difference between a direct connection and a network print?

  • are there printer drivers for macOS?

  • is there alternate firmware to run on the laser that would still have it printing with the superpowers the ULI gives?

  • is downgrading the OS on the new machines an option (yuck)

  • can there be some service that ran on the new machine to “transprint” it? (I’m assuming this is a terrible idea, and I’m assuming that a network share of the printer still leaves the driver running on the client computer)

Attn @dannym

I would need info if something is not working “well”. This is a supported and maintained driver already. I did hear there was trouble getting it so the new computer for Red could see it, which my first guess would be the router config, it uses ethernet.

I’ve heard nothing of an issue with Blue with the change in PCs, and it’s been used heavily, so I could use some clarification on what this issue is to begin with.

Blue was crashing at the start, might not be any more, but I bet people are just inured to it —@hax0r is blue stable or is it still acting up?

Red seems to see the printer but does not print. Don’t know enough to say more.

Could you suggest a list of things to try – eg plug the cable that goes in the old computer into the new computer?

USB cable for sure!