Skedda? What is going on?

For anybody with questions about skedda or other things related to the covid plan, please refer to

For a summary of policies and a walkthrough of getting on Skedda, please see:


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Ok so alot of people are asking about Skeeda, where to find it, and how to use it.

So I havent used it myself yet so I can’t speak to the usage.

But as far as how do you get access to it I feel the board needs to make more clear.

What is Skeeda?
Skeeda is a web based event/venue scheduling service. Allowing people to reserve time slots in the different sections of the space.

How do I get access to skeeda?
This I feel the board hasn’t made clear.

Access to Skeeda will be rolled out in phases. Where individuals will be sent an invitation to have access to skeeda.

For the moment priority is given to those who use the space for their livelihoods

Eventually access will be given to all members.

Who all will be given access and when they will be given access hasn’t been made clear.

This lack of clarity I feel is starting to raise tensions, as people become eager to start using the space again.

Do understand the board is working on making this available. And the volunteers working on this are working to figure out how best this will be rolled out. And the final plan of who will have access when is still under way.

Scheduling time.
Once you have access you can select a work station within the space and what time frame you plan to work there.

It is expected to have a half hour between people on the schedule so people can make sure to be fully packed up and cleaned before the next person arrives.

Cleaning should be taken care of during your scheduled time, so plan accordingly.

People are limited to 12 hours scheduled per week. (reset on monday)


I ask everybody to give the board time to work out the details of these plans as they are an all volunteer group, trying to navigate legal challenges, and trying to be fair to all members.

I ask the @ board to clarify anything I may have gotten wrong here, as I’m not well informed on the situation. I just felt we needed a discussion here about it.

[Edit 1] - i went ahead and updated the first post with correct information to help reduce any confusion that it may cause.
(Board is welcome to perform edits to correct any information on this post as needed)
[Edit 2] - added link to the just-the-facts summary, (Flip 12 June 2020)

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Hey @Tookys, thanks for the questions. It sounds like there may be resources we’ve shared that you haven’t seen. I’ve been sending them out a lot to try to make this info readily available to everyone.

I gave a demo of Skedda in action (as well as walk thru of some of the backend configurations) at our last member meeting on May 6. I also sent a recording of that meeting with info on where to skip to to see the Skedda demo in the email update sent May 7 (subject: :arrow_up: ATXHS Reopening Update - Member Meeting Recap). If you didn’t receive that email, make sure you are subscribed to our updates by signing up here. There are also multiple pages in the reopen doc here with info and screenshots of Skedda.

The Reopen Plan doc ( is updated regularly, so it’s a good idea to always check there for the latest info when you aren’t sure about something. This is a recent addition to Phase 2 (all members access):

In phase 2 we will expand access so that all members have the ability to reserve time via Skedda. The invite to join our Skedda will be sent via Discourse in an ATXHS Members only channel. You can join the Discourse now at If you are a dues paying member, request access to the hax0r group and one of our volunteer moderators will bless you. If not, request access to the hax0rish group for known members of our community that are not currently paying dues.

I think that answers the who and how pretty clearly, but let me know if not.

In terms of timing, we’ve been trying to nail that down and should have a clear answer after the reopen team meeting tomorrow night. We were hoping to already be in Phase 2 at the start of this week with all members having access to Skedda if they so choose, but a lot of things were thrown at us recently that required immediate attention and stopped/slowed progress momentarily.

Your comment on scheduling time in regards to the built in 30 minute buffer being there in the case of time running over is false. The 30 minute buffer is to ensure a member is fully loaded out well before the next member is coming in. This is a way we are able to minimize the number of people coming in contact with each other when visiting the space. All work and sanitizing should be occurring within the time slot scheduled, NOT the buffer after the reservation.

Your comment on people having one scheduled time slot at a time is also very much so false. This info is outlined on the Skedda Overview page in the Reopen Plan doc ( Members can book up to 12 hours across spaces per week (resets on Mondays). Normal expectations in place for machines that required booking prior to the pandemic. If we’re finding there are issues with members “hogging workstations” as you mention with what we currently have in place, we will adjust settings in Skedda accordingly and update the Reopen Plan doc.

I’m hoping a common thread is coming through in my response here - Check the Reopen Plan doc when you have questions! Check it even if the last time you looked at it, it didn’t have the info you are looking for. It is regularly being updated and there’s a good chance your question has already been answered there. If not, or if you have a question about something in that doc, you can email for further clarification.

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Thank you for the clarification Valerie.

I will go ahead and update the first post accordingly (since people will see it first when they look up the thread.)

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Much appreciated @Tookys! That will go a long way in helping prevent the inadvertent spread of misinformation.