Skedda Schedule and availability

Just kind of giving a shout out to let people know that the space has availability on its skedda schedule.

Social distancing, Mask wearing, and surface sanitizing are still required for all members, and all spaces at this time.

Here is an overview of what the schedule for the last week has looked like.

(The shark is currently down due to needing repairs)

Saturday June 27

Sunday June 28

Monday June 29

Tuesday June 30

Wednesday July 1

Thursday July 2

Friday July 3

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Is the Shark CNC working again?

Not sure who to ask to clarify that. As far as i know its waiting on sensitization procedures. But i dont know for certain.

Is anybody having trouble using the skedda system, or having trouble finding times that work for them on the schedule?

i haven’t heard of any issues, but if anybody is we encourage them to message the @reopen team to let them know and see if we can help get things straightened out.

To me it looks like there is plenty of availability. Is this not the case for anybody? let us know.