Shifted the CNC control cart out a bit to avoid gantry collision

Just posting a note that the janky angle that I left the CNC computer cart at tonight was actually an intentional compromise… I pulled the cart out into the aisle a bit tonight because unfortunately the pile of air ducting next to it started to shift and push the cart too close to the CNC machine and I was way too tired to shift the whole pile.

Without pulling the cart out like I did, the gantry was going to hit the cart, especially with a USB stick poking out from the monitor.

I hope the air duct pile situation is very short-term?

Oh, in case it isn’t obvious from the photo, be careful moving the cart back, because now the pile of ducting is unstable. It could shift out further if the cart moves much more.

The ducting pipe is a very short term situation. Sorry this occured, and thanks for handling it.

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OK, cool. It’s not a major issue, but yeah will be very nice to have that area clear again (not to mention the updated air handling).

Thanks again for help on the alignment, BTW. I was tired and not thinking super straight, obviously, or I would have also have remembered to ask for a hand right then to restack the ducting right then rather than just push stuff around until it was at least at less of a risk of knocking the monitor off the stand… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::cowboy_hat_face:

The ducting was in the autobay with the autobay blocked off on the schedule I thought… I guess someone decided to move that?

I moved it, to free up the auto bay. It eas a temporary solution, it will be resolved by the weekend.

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