Share some snow photos

Share some photos of the snow where your at.

Here’s some from my home in san antonio

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Cedar Park at Twin Creeks CC got over 6”…

5” on our back porch. 1/2” of ice at the bottom of all that snow.

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Biggest snow man I’ve ever made. worked with one of the neighbor kids to make it.
Was so big we had to use a ramp to get the middle part up. (took 3 people, and a rolling head start to get it up lol)


Some interesting ice formations…
Explain the first one…

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hmmm, #1? is it near a fence or walll that cover the bottom half or nearly the whole thing? im thinking it just has a odd wind current over the surface. it has me curious atleast lol

Nope. Other photos have the icicles going straight down on other parts of the grill. I finally figured it out, but I’m not telling. I’ll post another photo that explains my theory, later…

Car wash at my work.

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Oh my…i assume its closed till its warmer lol

Yeah. They have a weep cycle when it freezes, reason for all the different colors.

#1 is easy: the bernoulli effect caused by wind heading from one consistent direction (because your grill is kept in the passageway between your house and your shed, which acted like a wind tunnel) generates negative pressure between the forming icicle and the rounded surface of the grill, causing the icicle to curve as it elongates.


Nope. I doubt the Bernoulli effect, though a good guess. The curve is too perfect for the length of time needed to create the icicle. But good guess.

I’m thinking something like how this car tire icicle formed. Originally it was on the curved survace then did some melt and refreeze action that got it to its final form. This one here seemed to do that a few times to end up like this.

Here’s a few others from throughout the week. We had 8-10" in some places on Monday (North Central Austin).

Valerie, you got it. It had formed around the egg, then slipped, catching on the hinge. Then reformed and partially melted. Here’s another, later that day, and you can see the process in action.

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I had hoped the suggestion was ridiculous enough to obviously be a joke, but I’ll try harder next time :]

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183 from the 360 overpass:

360 overpass:

My poor mushrooms:

Oh those poor mushrooms! They look beautiful though! (Side note, recently bought one of those little kits to try growing some mushrooms at home :crossed_fingers:)

@gmossessian :rofl:

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@valerie that’s great! Get ready for a new hobby :slight_smile: