Scheduling Woodshop with Skedda

Hello, I was going to schedule some time in the woodshop for the first time, but it dawned on me that I do not understand what the different woodshop 1-6 spots represent. Is this just to keep 6 people in the room max, or is there anything deeper going on like location-specific or equipment specific. Thank you!

Yep, it’s just saying there are a max of 6 people using the woodshop equipment at any one time. Most of the spaces are a lot smaller, so there’s only one, but the woodshop can accomodate more. Ideally, booking a spot would guarantee a worktable as well, but that’s not necessarily the case because of the two storage tables which may or may not be available.

But yes, you can book time in any of the 6 woodshop spots and use any and all of the tools.


@gordoa40 Thank you!