SawStop Chalk Full of Shavings

This morning I walked by the SawStop and saw the blade up.

“No problem, I’ll just retract it.”

Nice idea but not possible. Seems there was so much build-up that whoever last used it couldn’t get it down any further. After shutting it down I tried to clear it out. It was so tightly packed with sawdust that I had to break it up before I could vacuum it. Whoever last used it simply retracted it as tightly as they could thereby packing the wood and then walked away.

The fix is a simple enough solution; not sure why it wasn’t done.

This is after partial clearing …

This is as far down as the blade would retract …

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I’ve come in to this situation a few times before. I don’t think this is a single use issue. In my experience, something with the dust collection goes wrong, allowing the hose in the cabinet to back up. Usually by the time it is clogged that far up, it’s been multiple uses. I’ve seen a few different things cause the back ups, the ivac gate in the wrong position, the power strip for it unplugged and more. I would assume the current problem was caused by the recent change in the dust collector config. I’m sure the collector hasn’t been getting turned on all the time. FWIW there are usually signs it’s clogging up. The most notable sign I see is dust coming back at you, even with the collector on. However that still relies on someone investigating the issue beyond just using the saw.
Thank you for taking the time to clean it.


I’ve seen more than one person not turn the dust collector on. Eric labeled the remote, but that’s not 100%. Once we get the new dust collector, the clogging problems should hopefully get fewer.

That doesn’t excuse walking away from a clogged tool.