Saw Stop Break Tripped 3:30pm

3:30pm sawstop brake was tripped. Headed to woodcraft to get a new brake.

Hopefully you are not injured.

You do not go to Woodcraft for a sawstop cartridge. You go on Neon and purchase a blade and cartridge for $160. We have cartridges in stock at the shop, and we also stock blades.
We no longer allow people to go purchase cartridges or replacement blades. The blades were too random, and Woodcraft doesn’t always have cartridges in stock.

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The sawstop is back online. I’m fine thank you. It was accidental metal contact.

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What blade did you put on? We don’t mind people putting their own blades on the saw, then taking them with them. But we are standardizing on CMT full kerf blades that we keep in stock.

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I replaced with a equivalent Freud 50t full kerf combination blade to match what was on the previously.