Sanding station shop vac needs maintenance

The shop vac for the sanding station is working, but the suction is quite poor. I knocked a bunch of dirt out of the filter, which helped a bit, but in further experimentation none of the dust seemed to get into the bucket.

Additionally, one of the hoses had unattached from one piece of equipment and I couldn’t manage to get it back on.

I don’t know a ton about the shop vac for the sanding station, but I do know that the wood lathes could benefit from better dust collection for the sanding steps of any project, and I just wanted to throw in those two cents in case the improvement / upgrade of that shop vac can be done in a way that might allow for the lathes to get connected in to the system in the future. If not that’s fine, I imagine there will be another opportunity to optimize if and when we shuffle this equipment around in the future.

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Ideally we get both of these stations hooked up to dust collection, but that is a longer project. We should definitely address this in the interim with something that will be adequate until we can get a full dust collection system hook up for it.

I wanted to clarify. While I managed to knock a lot of dust out of the filter, I never managed to get it to a point where it looked ‘clean’. I would imagine a new filter might be the necessary fix for the suction.

Thank for doing the cleaning. I wonder if a hose is clogged?