Sander operational?

Is the drum sander operational again? Or has the motor arrived at least?

I haven’t heard anything about the motor arriving

@cfstaley they finally sent tracking expected delivery 27th


Did the motor arrive?

Tracking said it was delivered Monday so it should be floating around by the door or in the lounge.


The saws top inserts should also have arrived.


Any update on the drum sander? Thanks!

The new motor that was received was for an updated version which is 220v instead of ours which is 110v. So expect another couple weeks until operational.


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Yikes. Anyone have any ideas where I may be able to access a drum sander? Willing to pay. I have a deadline for a client

Yes. Fine Lumber has a wide belt sander in their shop and will process customer materials, charging by the hour.

I just checked their website and it has a bunch of “temporarily unavailable” banners on shop services, but they’re not known for their timely online updates. Give 'em a call and see what’s up: 512-836-8990.

Cierra, give me a shout on my cell phone, I think I can help you out. 512 799 8012


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unproductive griping: does Jet not stock parts in North America? I’m really surprised at how long the shipping times are on this – it’s not like it’s a no-name tool.

Is this a reason we should avoid buying Jet in the future, or is our drum sander just unlucky?

Thanks Jon!

FineLumber used to charge $45 an hour, with 1 hour min. Haven’t checked lately.

I was able to order the proper motor should be here Tuesday or Wednesday


Hate to beat a dead horse but does anyone know if the motor arrived this week?

Tracking says it arrived on Wednesday, anyone capable can feel free to install it.


The sander is up and running again.


Amazing!! Thank you

Awesome. Thanks!