Safety Concern at SawStop

This morning I was again working on the Shark with Chris so we were the first to use the SawStop. When I got there I found the scene below. Someone was cutting the ends of 2x2s using quite unsafe technique. Even if they were using a mitre slot (I presume we have one?), the member was still trapping waste between fence and blade. The potential for kickback was high. They should be taught safer technique such as using a stop block.

In addition, the blade was fully raised, the SawStop was turned on, the cut offs were just stacked up against the fence and the surrounding are was completely uncleaned. Maz and I spent 10 minutes sweeping up around the table saw, workbench, miter saw, and drum sander. Seriously, the mounding up of dust on the tool and the floor was impressive. They couldn’t have made any effort to clean up.