Router Table with Router for sale $350

This is a killer deal.
Easily worth the money for anyone who is in need for a router table/router

I contacted the seller. We’re getting this for Asmbly! :awesome: Thanks so much for posting it @jiggliemon! With the bigger work surface and fine tuning the height to be level with the outfeed table, this will be a nice upgrade from our current router table plus the Triton router is a fantastic router.

Well that worked out well.

Happy to see the existing router table being sent to its grave.


Maybe we can have a special send off at the work day Saturday :joy:

Too bad there’s a burn ban…

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Exactly what I was thinking. If ever there seemed a time for a real life dumpster fire…

(absolutely joking - no flames)

It’s on my truck, and it’s a beast. 4’ x 4’. Vacuum fence. Nice build. We’ll have to play around to see how to best fit it in, as it’s much larger than the previous. Maybe it’ll just bump against the drum sander…