Resolved - Tarkin at 1/2 power

Tarkin is a half power until we get a new exciter. Cut your speed 50% to compensate for power loss.



Any update on ETA for the fix, please?

Danny is working on it. Might be additional problem in one of the tubes.

Thanks, appreciate the udpate.

Hey guys! Just checking back on this. Is tarkin at full power yet?

Not as of last night.
@dannym - What is the status?

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From Danny:

An RF power cable had a cooked end. I checked what I’d been using on my home test bench and one of the cables also had a burned end which explains why I was getting inconsistent results on bench tests. The terminals on the tube and RF exciter did not appear damaged. I cleaned the carbon off the terminals on the existing cable and polished as best I could and the tube came right back. Power is back up where it was before this.