[RESOLVED] Saw Stop activated! First time for me

I’m safe. I removed the bad stop with help (thanks Mollie!). I’m heading to buy a new blade. There looks to be a fresh saw stop in the drawer, not sure where to buy them otherwise. Any help is appreciated.

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I think Woodcraft has the Sawstops in stock.

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I think they sell them at woodcraft!

Happy to grab one at woodcraft when they open tomorrow. It looks like there’s one in the drawer of shame, is it reserved for other use?

You can use that one and just replace it once you get one from Woodcraft. Take a look and make sure it is a regular brake and not meant for a dado stack though, as I’m fairly sure I’ve seen a dado brake around that area too.

When I went to Woodcraft a while ago they were out of the brakes and said they were having some issues keeping them in stock, so it may be a good idea to give them a call first and see what they have. I ended up getting one from Amazon.

Yeah it’s a dado stack brake. I don’t see an extra in the drawer or cabinet. I’ll red-tag the saw and get a replacement asap.

I bought one in Neon, if I still need to buy one and woodcraft tomorrow I will, I really should do it after work though, for me that’s 4pm. I’ve put a tag on the table saw and bought a new blade at Lowes, it’s in the saw now. Not sure what next steps should be. Let me know if someone has an idea.


What kind of blade is on it now? Just wondering in case I’ll need to bring my blade when coming to the shop

There should be one in the steward cabinet. (Any one with cabinet access can pull it. )
If not I’ll pull one from co-working early afternoon tomorrow.


I bought a 10" Diablo 60t fine finish and mounted it before I left. Thank you Eric! I do not have cabinet access.

Awesome @aahamp2 ! Fine finish was what I was mainly wondering. Glad you still have all your fingers

I’m heading up there shortly. I’ll see about getting the one out of the cabinet and getting it replaced. I’ll update everyone with final results.

@aahamp2 do you know what tripped it?

The brake has been replaced and the saw is functional again.

However the pin that holds the black swing door that is inside the cabinet next to the blade is missing. Don’t know what that will do to dust collection since now it opens the vacuum to the entire cabinet instead of just a limited area.

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I was afraid that might have dropped in the hose… The aluminum miter slide set it off, I put it in the right slider instead of the left without offsetting it.

Whoever is there this morning, you’ll need a Philips head screwdriver. Pull the table of sleds out, and go in from the right side of the cabinet. Removed the gear clamps to free the hose. It it somehow got to the cyclone, you can dig through the barrel. The “pin” is a bolt (with no nut), since the hinge pin was not included on the replacement door. It may also be on the floor, inside the cabinet. Check there first, before disconnecting the hose.


Its not on the floor of the cabinet because i looked thoroughly before posting last night. I just assumed it was misplaced never thought to look in the hose.


I found the bolt in hose, it’s back on and ready to suck … Efficiently.


Is a little late but some additional information: When you get the new one make sure it is a blue cartridge. There are white ones too. Most Saw Stops use the blue kind. Once you install it, make sure you check the clearance between the blade and cartridge. There should be a Yellow triangle plastic thing stuck somewhere around the cabinet of the saw with an Allen wrench inserted in it, one of the tips (the rounded one) is the gauge. If you cannot find it use a Nickel (Saw Stop calls this the Nickel Test). There is a video that details how to adjust or check the clearance on the Saw Stop site or Youtube. The dado cartridge is very different than the regular one, the obvious tell-tell sign is that is rather thick. The blade, usually 40 tooth ones should be sufficient for ripping. 40 tooth blades perform better and last longer than the 60 tooth one. The reason is that the 60 tooth one is designed for cross-cutting, it is in the lower end of the spectrum. It tends to overheat with denser woods and a product of overheating is dull blades (more teeth, more friction). The Diablo ones in Home Depot are rather inexpensive and you get a much better deal if you get the double pack. I’m glad the Saw Stop did its job. Although I’m sure was not a pleasant experience, it is better to pay $100 than a trip to the emergency room. The best thing is that you have all your body parts intact, that is priceless!


I took a cabinet class from a 9 fingered carpenter. He was talking about what a bargain the Sawstop saws were. $5000 for a saw. $15,000 in medical bills to have his hand saved after removing a finger with a regular table saw. The kickback he encountered almost punctured his gut, and that made his hand fly into the blade. He hadn’t even noticed his dangling finger, until he got from his garage to his house. $100 for triggering the Sawstop is worth it, even if it’s accidental. The saw is always looking out for you.