[Resolved] Red tag tarkin -smoke venting

Tarkin vacuum is t working efficiently and smoke is coming out from under hood. @Felipeg101 is the person working on it.

It smells like a campfire in here. Felipe is also still here

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@EricP is here and helping out.

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It is likely time to clean the exhaust again

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Do you know how to do it? I clean it a little bit, but not from the end of the tube directly connected to tarkin. We just took off the other end, close to the wall and good amount of debris came out.

It still was not working that though. I imagine it still has a lot.

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I fixed it last night.

The honeycomb has to be lowered and slid out of the way to get to the grille over the port which which is caked with soot.


Nice, thank you!!!

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@dannym - is everything in working order again?

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Yep all fixed. This is something that needs to be cleaned more regularly


I know that the soot is dependent on the amount of users. Could you ball park a time interval so we can just schedule it?

Monthly would be good

We should also be able to clean that steel honeycomb. It should stand up to a pressure washer and/or oven cleaner, needs to be tested carefully but I think it’s pretty durable. The honeycomb does weigh quite a lot and is bulky to move to a place to wash it

The one cart I know of has the handle higher than the top so it wouldn’t be easy to use it to move it

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Feel free to move the handle on that cart :slight_smile:

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