[RESOLVED] Neon Failed Membership Payment

Hey all,

Wanted to let everyone know we’ve opened a case with Neon support to investigate an uptick in failed membership payment transactions. As they are figuring out what may be causing this in the backend, if you received an email about your payment failing, you can remedy the issue now by logging in to your Neon portal here, select “Purchase / Edit Membership” from the dropdown menu, and click “Join Now” as shown in the screenshot below.

If we get more info from Neon on what went wrong here, we’ll let everyone know.

Thank you!

Neon is investigating on their end, but these failures keep coming through heavy on us and will quickly create a financial emergency if not resolved.

Please take a quick minute to search your email inbox for “ATX Hackerspace Failed Membership Renewal”. If you have received this email about your membership renewal failing, please take a minute to complete the steps above!

Please and thank you! :mario_star:

Neon resolved the issue and reprocessed the failed transactions so we’re all good now! Thank you all those who took quick action and reached out about this.

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