[Resolved] Jet 14" bandsaw

The bandsaw still turns on and the blade moves but I noticed when I was trying to cut through some plywood that the blade would stop running. Could it just need a new blade? I looked inside and I’m thinking that the rubber belts aren’t wide enough for the tires. Does anyone have any other ideas? I don’t mind buying a new blade or new belts as I do use it quite often.

The belt that connects the motor to the pulleys is probably out of adjustment. The tires( orange belts) could be wider, but that is the not the issue.

The bandsaw has been fixed. The keyway fell out. It has been reinstalled with loctite. It also got a quick tune up. The blade has a kink in it. I didn’t have time to change the blade.

Missing keyway


Awesome thanks a lot! I will pick up some new blades tonight.

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