[Resolved] Bandsaw Red Tagged

The blade broke on the smallest bandsaw during the woodshop class tonight. I didn’t see a replacement blade in the cabinet so I went ahead and red tagged it.

It didn’t break, just popped off the wheels. I re-installed and re-adjusted it. Were you backing up a cut?

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I was there and saw what happened from afar. I think someone was cutting and the blade got stopped, perhaps from trying to turn at too tight of an angle. I’m not sure if the blade popped off the wheels while cutting or while backing up though – I assume while cutting. Glad it was an easy fix, thanks @gmossessian. I updated the title.


Oh, good! I could tell that was a new blade so I’m happy it didn’t break. I guess I should’ve opened it up to check instead of just assume it broke when I heard the pop…I know for next time now.

Yea, the person was doing an S curve and just went a bit too tight without a relief cut. Then, it popped.