Replacing the Kindergarten Apocalypse Fridge

We need to replace the fridge in the MPR with something that looks less like it went through a kindergarten apocalypse, anyone have any leads?

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Haha I love this description and fully support this initiative! I wonder if we could get a Costco donation of a fridge @Devmani?

Possible, we may want to ping Home depot for a scratch and dent. I think Costco pretty much just hands out gift cards and not product directly.

Could we not paint the fridge?

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Double down?? I’m calling Home Depot now.

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The fridge handles are also falling off (I threw one of the broken ones away recently) and it’s on the small side. If we can get a larger one in better condition donated, that would be the ideal. If we can’t get one for free, then painting and fixing the handles on the current one would be a good thing to do.

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I work at the “orange retailer”. If you have no luck there, i might be able to put you in touch with the right people.

In fact, maybe i will anyway. Asmbly seems to be a good match with hardware stores.


That would be great thank you. I called a handful of places today without any luck :four_leaf_clover:

Ill ask around. One person told me the store manager might be the one to contact, but that answer doesnt feel right to me.

This is probably the wrong avenue to take for a fridge. BUT, I googled around for Home Depot philanthropy, and there appears to be a grant program that you can apply for in order to tool up (up to $5000) for a major project. The grant is given in the form of Home Depot gift cards.

It makes a lot more sense to me for us to reach out to local branches of corporations. Assuming the local branches have a program/fund for local marketing/philanthropy.

Has anyone been around long enough to know the back story of that fridge?

Looks like they’re focused on their Veteran Housing Grants Program at this time

We’ve applied for HomeDepot grant help before and was denied (I mean prob didn’t help I wrote the request because I have no clue what I’m doing). But the rejection was in the vein of what Ashley mentioned.

I’ve asked about the story on the fridge paint and was just told it was an improvement… I’m now quite curious what’s under it.

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Yeah, i was pointed at that grant form as well, and reading over the criteria, asmbly isnt a good fit. The homer fund is more oriented towards philanthropy, and aa great as asmblys mission may be, its not in line with their vision for how to use the homer fund.

And rightly so, tbh.

That doesnt mean theres nothing i can do, though. I have a few avenues at my disposal to help indirectly. Ill see what i can do.

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The fridge was attacked by the same virus as the storage drawers by the 3D printers. Just happened to be during easter. Glad that they ran out of paint though :slight_smile: