Reopen Laser Class

Hi! Has there been an official way to sign up for the combined laser/3D printer classes mentioned in the email last week set up yet?

A few days ago I tried messaging Rob on here but haven’t heard back.


We’re still trying to get something nailed down. @rgr/@RGRistroph has a pretty busy schedule and is often difficult to get a hold of. He mentioned being able to teach this, but we haven’t been able to get anything committed. We’re open to anyone who knows these machines well and is confident enough to teach them to do the class, so if anyone else is interested in teaching, please speak up!

Thanks Valerie!

I’ll keep any eye out for any more developments with the classes. Can’t wait to get laser-ing!

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Hey, Nick, just wanted to make sure you saw the spreadsheet and other thread – I saw your name on it, Eric and Matt have filled in some actual class times on the spreadsheet.
Have fun!

I also need a quick into to the Laser cutters.

Hey, Gian, see link above, there is a Thursday class with Matt you can sign up for.

Thank you.