Removal of old laminar flow hood

We have been trying to get rid of the large broken flow hood in the cleanroom to no avail. Most recently someone was supposed to come to take it almost a month ago. Our inaction on removing it has already caused a member to leave the space. I am not one who typically wants to see a tool be removed but at this point, for the cost to replace the filters we can build/buy a new one. Not to mention how absurdly loud it is and it’s other issues that need fixing.

I have told @machiavelli that I would be willing to disassemble it and bring the metal to the scrap yard and donate the proceeds back to the hackerspace. He is just as eager to get the flow hood removed so we can reorganize and clean up the space.

Before we do anything we wanted the @board and @dannym’s (we believe it’s his) approval.

We’ve gotten a number of contacts from people looking to take it, in the last couple of days even. It’s difficult to arrange the actual moving though

I am willing to reach out to the interested people and help move it any day or time. How can I help us accomplish this?

Jordan wants to take it tomorrow or Tues, he’s got a truck but he needs 3 more people, which we can probably come up with. Mach has been in contact with him.

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Okay, thanks for the quick replies @dannym. I would 100% rather it get used than scrapped, so this makes me happy. I pinged Mach to try and get this arranged. I will see if I can wrangle some muscles to help.

Any updates on this @dannym @machiavelli?

I have a potential new member that is interested in joining for access to the cleanroom, Can I give them a tour of the lab and space?

@dannym any updates? @machiavelli has stated that Jordan is not getting back to him. Is there a time limit we have set with him? Can I have Jordan’s contact to try and coordinate the removal? Can I post it to craigslist?