Red laser spooler

I tried to use the red laser. It had a job in the queue from before. I was unable to clear the queue nor to get access to stop/ restart the spooler (permissions). I did fully boot Red prior to launching Ai. I try to reboot of both the laser and the computer (was pretty sure it would not work). If the end-users don’t have permission to stop and restart the spooler, Maybe an executable script which can be run by the user (Batch file or script with proper permissions) could be placed on the desktop as a no brainer.
Also, earlier it was giving an error saying insufficient Air pressure was present. There was over 40 PSI, air was turned on, I purged the air by disconnecting and reconnecting after 30 seconds. Seem to be plenty of air on disconnect, but the error remained. I know @dannym had address this issue.