Red Laser not cutting through

I have been having issues with Red for the last few weeks where it is not cutting all the way through my wood. I use 1/4" birch. I am having to run my jobs multiple times to get the laser to cut all the way through. Acrylic is cutting fine for the most part. It doesn’t seem to be just one part of the laser bed.

Is anyone else having these problems? I’m using these settings: Power 95, Speed 1.7, Z-Axis .2 and my file has everything set to hairline with no fille.

I’d appreciate any insight. It’s frustrating to spend 3 hours at the laser and have so little to show for it!

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I will be by later with the testing equipment. It’s had a great number of hours on it and the source may need regassing, it’s about that time.

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THANK YOU Danny. I’m so appreciative.

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I took a look and did some teardown and rebuild on red. Bit of conflicting data I was getting, but it was definitely reading better after. Let me know how the end performance is now.


Cutting MUCH MUCH better today. Back up to my “normal” settings for 1/8" acrylic.

Thank you Danny!

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@okyeron make sure it’s zeroed right, sometimes when I have issues with what appears to be cut power, it’s actually that the bed is out of place. Re-zero the bed to ensure it’s at the right place.

Yeah - I kinda habitually re-zero the Z every time after getting burned by that a number of times.

This however did not seem to be related to focus or z. Although I’d love to know how to verify the bed height is correct.

Hi, my first 3 print jobs cut awesome then my next job stopped a few minutes in with the message ‘end of travel detected’ I’ve turned the printer off and on 3 times. HELP

tried new file and it us cutting good. I’ll keep you posted. the problem file is one I’ve printed many times

the message ‘end of travel detected’

The servo motion controller had an error and reverted to low-current default parameters. It needs to be reset, or else it will continue throwing this error. But powering down with the silver button alone won’t reset it.

Turn off the machine, then unplug it at the wall (twist lock plug beside black Pearl) and plug it back in.

That error hasn’t come up in a long time, I’ll take a look.

Thanks Danny. I’m also having the problem of the laser not cutting all the way through my 1/4" birch. I had 3 successful print jobs then the last 2 had to be run twice. Really appreciate your help. Hope you had a good weekend.

Hey the red laser travel error message is not letting me do anything on the red laser today. Friday I moved the piece and willed it to work but today I am going home with nothing done. I hope it can get back up before tomorrow night since that is the first red laser class if not we will need to let people know the class is canceled.

You need to do a hard power reset .unplug the laser after turning it off , it’s a twist lock plug by the rotary

Good morning. I should know this but how do I request that the machine gets serviced? As I was driving home last night I realized how much time and materials I have wasted over the last few weeks when the laser wasn’t cutting my wood all the way through. I hadn’t seen any posts on problems with the red laser so I went on the assumption that it was something wrong on my end.

I did a hard reset this morning and it still didn’t work. It gave the end of travel detected error.

I’m sorry to hear that, I respond to issues when I hear about them, this is the first I’m hearing. To be honest I think this Discourse thing is not suited for tech support issues either and really want to move to a more appropriate system.

I do have further steps. It’s looking time to regas the source, I’ve already started that process. Based on the measurements, I didn’t think the cleaning and readjustment would solve it. Once that’s done it’ll be more powerful than you’ve ever seen.

If EOT is reoccurring then the encoder likely needs cleaning, so I’ll be in to do that today.

One thing that helps make Discourse work better for this sort of thing is “watching” relevant categories (see screenshot below) and people posting in the right category. One benefit to this platform for machine issues is that it keeps everything out in the open for all to see. That said, we will have a lot more options for proper ticketing type platforms as a nonprofit as there are many offered for free or super low cost. I imagine anything in that realm we would adopt we would still want to link back up to Discourse so all members can stay informed on this stuff.

The EOT error was gone when I got there but came back after an hour. I am a little worried the people at my class tonight will not be able to see the machine work…

Do you know if the red laser is working?