Red laser no movement in Y direction

I have marked the red laser with a defective tag. Only the same horizontal lines were being cut, and the laser was not moving at all in the Y direction. This is my first time reporting a malfunction, so let me know if any other details are needed!

Thanks for reporting @astra and so sorry to see both red and blue were giving you problems :pensive:

What you reported here is good, the blue laser post is even better (with the picture of the error). Anytime you can add additional pictures or details like that it’s very helpful for the troubleshooting process. It also helps @dannym if you can leave a saved copy of the job and print settings on the desktop so that Danny can use that to try to recreate the issue (in case it doesn’t happen again the next time).

You might have noticed there is a lot of work happening to get the new laser room setup in the old classroom and bring some new lasers into the rotation. We made awesome progress towards that yesterday. I’m hoping we can get that up and running very soon.


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I really appreciate the reply @valerie ! I noticed the progress and I’m excited.

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