Red Laser has message 'out of range'

Using Red laser right now or trying to that is. It’s been a while since I’ve been in shop. The message/icon on the laser screen says ‘out of range.’ Anyone know what that is? I sent/printed my test file to laser is with all proper settings and noting showing but above message. Anyone know what to do at this point?

Try slowing it down and lowering the power. I had the same issue the last time I was there. It is not ideal but it will usually work.

I rebooted and its up now. Thanks for assistance.

“Out Of Range” is that display’s message for “no signal”. The message will always appear for a few seconds on boot, but it should go away in a few seconds. Sometimes, the screen boots up out of sync though- oddly, the system does boot otherwise normally, there’s just no display. It only appears (or not) while booting.

Give it a long-press (about 3 sec) and it will shut down for sure (also if it’s been running long enough to fully boot, it will respond to a short-press too), and it will turn off and you can restart which should come up normally.

Thanks much Danny-- All is good