Red Laser Class Rescheduling?

Three of us were at the space last night for our Red Laser Intro class.
We arrived at 7:00 PM and waited till 7:30 before giving up.
Instructor was a no-show so we all went home.

How do such classes get rescheduled? How will we be notified?

Sorry that happened. I saw a message about starting the rescheduling process.

Yes, very sorry about that. Tagging @wynd and @Bwarez for visibility

I am sorry I thought I put all the classes that were scheduled in my calendar. I will recheck my email I don’t know how one got past me.

Edit:I thought yesterday was Monday. I took Monday off and then yesterday everything was like a Monday(including having my Monday employees at my shop) so if the notification popped up I must have thought it was talking about today. I am sorry I can have the makeup class any day except Sunday. Let me know how you all want to proceed. I can meet people there sooner as well if that is ok and teach them one on one so they can start using the laser already.


Thanks @Bwarez, the holiday definitely threw me off as well so totally understandable. We’ll follow up on rescheduling over email.

No worries Bryan, thank you for offering to reschedule! Wednesdays and Tuesdays work best for me personally. I could meet today at the same time (7pm) or next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Just scheduled for today at 7-930 I will see you there hopefully everyone can make it, but if not let me know when works for you.

Bryan, if we could start at 7:30 then I could at least attend the first 30 minutes of tonight’s Member Meeting. I’d just plan on joining the 7:00 Zoom call at the space and dropping off at 7:30 to attend the class. Let me know if this can work for you. Thanks.

I’ll be able to make it tonight at 7PM. If we need to push the start to 7:30 to accommodate Travis that works for me too. I’ll plan on being at the space at 7PM regardless.

Looking forward to tonight!

7:30 it is I will be there at 7 and then we will start officially at 7:30.

@TravisGood, member meeting actually starts at 7:30p tonight. I think we’ll likely just talk about some small scale work days and that’s about it, so might end up being a really short meeting tonight.

Well then it’s a good thing that all the rest of the class will be there at 7:00
because that seems like when it’ll start after all! I’ll just skip the meeting.

See you all soon.