Red Laser Air Assist Problem [RESOLVED]

I was using the red laser today and during a print job it stopped and I got a message that air assist was turned off. I re-checked my print settings and air was turned on. When I initially turned on the air switch today, the was no pressure. I held my finger over the end of the clear tubes on the floor til pressure built up and had no problem with my first 4 print runs. After I got the error message, I turned off the air and laser and turned back on with the same problem. Air pressure showed 40.

Hmm will take a look

The job on the machine has aa turned off, which isn’t allowed. Sent a new job with with it on and it prints just fine.

It looks like a problem with your settings on the PC, the machine can’t change that. The settings that were on the PC has aa turned off for colors except for black and red, so my best guess is an unexpected color was being utilized

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll recheck my settings.