Put A Little Piece Of The James Webb Telescope On Your Wall


Really fun!

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Lol, I’ve cut a couple of these. One was for a member here one for some one who reached out looking for it. Im waiting for her pucture of the final project.


I made one of these recently! Fun project


Lead a build class and help us make more!

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That’s an interesting idea, perhaps we could gauge interest in it

Perhaps @wynd or @valerie know how this is done in Asmbly?

Discourse is typically the go to mode for gauging interest. That said, we are class centric and are happy to have teachers give their class ideas a go either way. Determining interest/procuring students is not at all a prereq for setting up a class.

Amazon sells the gold-mirror acrylic. For that matter Amazon has a bunch of suppliers selling the hexagonal gold mirrors precut with adhesive backing, and they’re much cheaper than buying sheet stock of the gold-mirror acrylic to DIY cut on the laser. But that does spoil the fun