PSA: Keyfobs are back, baby!

Leave your phone on a workbench at midnight and lock yourself out?

Battery died and cant get back in?

Living the flip-phone life?

Good news! Keyfobs work again!
Fobs from the old system actually work too, the yellow/orange ones.

You can purchase one of these at the Asmbly Store, there are a few types to choose from if you get it on location.

Any Wiegand fob of any style should work as well, these can be found online if you are looking for a specific type.

Got a fob that you use for work or other entry system?
There is an 80% chance that it will work as well! One key for multiple locations!

More info here

Speak with the membership coordinator to get your fob setup. It may take a few days to process.


if I want to use an existing FOB how do I get its ID added?

Iā€™d also like to get my fob added

Best way to go about that, meet up with one of the member coordinators, @mkmiller6 @ashleyrlee, to have them link it to your account.

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